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Jerusalem Step by Step

While many have published travel guidebooks for Jerusalem, few have attempted to create a radical new approach to the way people can explore the holy city. That is until the unlikely duo of Dr. Batya and Avigdor Kornboim (a medical doctor and a computer engineer), who have already published bestseller guidebooks for Paris, London, and New York, decided to tackle Jerusalem from a completely new perspective.


What? Another guidebook?


Well, it is everything but 'another'.

  • The packaging is truly ingenious: A binder holding separate booklets. Each booklet features a detailed guided walking tour, complete with a map. No more do the travelers have to carry guidebooks and cumbersome large maps.

  • The tours are presented in a way that simulates being guided personally by a human guide.

  • The text is written in an enticing and humorous journalistic fashion, making it enjoyable for both adults and children.

  • The graphic design style is elegant and modern.

  • And, there is even an insider’s look and reviews of the best hotels, guest houses and restaurants in town.

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