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December 26, 2015

Dear Avi,

We were guided by you around the Sea of Galilee on Boxing Day. Even though some of the Holy sites were closed on that day, you succeeded to plan for us in a fantastic itinerary that included Magdalah, Jesus Boat at Ginosar, the Yardenit baptismal site and much more. Your explanations are so interesting and mind opening. I have travelled the world and was guided by many, but you must be the best. We were really blessed to have you with us.

Many thanks and hope to meet you again when we will come again for a longer period of time.


Arnold, California. 




August 24, 2015st

My guide, Avigdor, was brilliant and accommodating. He knew where he was going and he was incredibly flexible. I needed the flexibility to follow my heart, so to speak, and Avigdor was able to let go of our set itinerary and change plans, and with true willingness to do so. He was very knowledgeable about Israel history, Israel present, and also Israel geography. He was also able to read many times from the Bible at just the right times, and we even had very stimulating conversations about it. He was open-minded, which was for me his most endearing characteristic, and he was very patient while I prayed and meditated spontaneously. I felt safe and in good hands. He is an intelligent and knowledgeable guide regarding both Galilee and Jerusalem, and had the status necessary to get us where we needed to go. There were no hitches, no tensions. He is easy to get along with, and his English is excellent! I highly recommend him and would hire him again for sure.


Kelly, USA





August 12, 2015st

On the 12 /08 we, a group of 12 took a guided tour to Jerusalem. The guide was Mr Avi Kornboim.

We visited the Israel museum and some of the ongoing expositions like short human history,

the menorah in front of the Israeli parliament and other pearls of Jerusalem.
Our guide Avi has an enormous knowledge in various academic fields and made us enjoy whatever we have seen because he knew to adjust himself to every one of us according to his interest without enoing the others.
He has a fine humor; he is a very devoted and caring person.
Without any doubt Avi is your best guide in Jerusalem.


Published on TripAdvisor





October 10-21, 2014


Expert guidance, knowledge and insight. Thank you so much for your guiding.

As you have said, your country is probably the most complex place on earth and yet you have succeeded to explain everything in way that is both interesting and simple.

We all had an unforgettable time.


From The Narara Valley Baptist Church of Australia




March 2014


I didn’t realize I was going to be escorted through the city by a famous author and guide. You made my trip through the Christian and Muslim quarters fascinating. I have a very different perspective from 18 years of Catholic schooling. A more global perspective and a shared fascination of humanity in its many forms and incarnations.

Shalom my friend, you were a great ambassador of your culture, your city, and your country!


Jennifer, USA




October 2013

Hi Avigdor,

We were delighted with the tours, and especially your personal commentary.  It was informative, engaging and so relevant. Of course Jerusalem was overwhelming and tiring, but we understood that it would be alot to digest.

We will certainly provide strong recommendations for you and your Jerusalem Guidebook.

We would like to stay in touch for possible future trips to Israel, by us, or by other friends and family.



Stu and June Mathison




June 2013

Avi was our guide for three days when we went to Cesaeria, the Golan Heights & the Sea of Galilee.

We found him extremely personable, very well informed and a great all-round guide.

We are very good at doing our own research, but he took us to places we had never even heard of.


He was great company and nothing was too much trouble. I have problems with my diet, and he went out of his way to find what I needed. He was tuned in to what we wanted and needed every step of the way, and we can't recommend him highly enough. He is nice to be with, extremely knowledgeable and helpful. We had a wonderful trip thanks to Avi.


Ricky & Clarice Lockitch,





May 2013

Mט wife, my two adult children and I toured Jerusalem with Avi Kornboim, a guide whom we hired privately. It was a deep experience, something "to write home about".


Despite the fact that we had had guided tours to Jerusalem several times before, this one with Avi was totally different, most probably because he is such an extraordinary guide (he also wrote a unique guide for the tourist in Jerusalem).


The three days tour included visits to the old and new city, Yad Vashem - the holocaust museum and the Israel Museum. It was a multi disciplinary tour combining archeology, history, Jewish culture, Christian Holy sites and much more.


Dr. Avi Wiener

Director of the Institute of Preventive Occupational Medicine at the Rambam Medical Center

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